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Don't forget where you came from.

This was written (by my mother) on the inside of the book "Where the Wild Thing Are", lavishly written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. I found this book well into my twenties when I decided that I wanted another tattoo, but had not come to terms with what the next design should be. I therefore had it done by a master tattooist named Mike Sikes who now resides in Fairfax Virgnian. Tattoo's to me are right of passage, an illustrative timeline, spiritual armor you see. Not to be taken lightly. I'm not your run in drunk an hour before close and insist that a I have yet another Tasmanian Devil with a rebel flag a twirl – no. I'm always however feeling the need in some way to mark the passage of my limited time on the mothership. With all that said, good or bad, the past makes/changes/haunts each and everyone of us.

So the question you must ask yourself is how much have you learned from that past, and how much of it are you doomed to repeat. Advertising is a collasal redo. All I see on television anymore are repurposed ads that I saw ten years ago. I even tip my hat to shitty' local ads, more often than not they didn't steal the idea. Used cars + Monkey + Sledgehammer + 'Battle of the Montster Trucks' VO, that's local man. Local advertising – the graffiti of the ad world!

Posted on May 18, 2009 and filed under Soapbox.