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The Dirty Exploitation of Digits

As much as any medium, social media plays "the numbers game" in an effort to bend perception. Let's not forget that the biggest fanboys and fangirls for social media are really marketing professionals and advertisers. They are the same people who learned to manipulate and exploit the tools before most average folks ever knew what a “Tweet” was. That being said, there is still skewed misunderstanding that numbers equal value or some type of discernible ROI.

Posted on January 7, 2014 and filed under Advertising, Business, Process.

Data Touch Points in Your Social Marketing Audit: Part Two

If you thought Part One was a bit daunting, then you might as well delete any reference to this post. The following lists are what I refer to as "data points" that would be used from an analytical standpoint to break down each and every one of the categories on a per-social-channel basis.

SquareSpace - The Website Design & Development Multi-Tool

I need it really fast and I don't have a lot of money. Oh and I want to be able to control it after your done because I don't want to pay you for your maintenance and community servicing ability. Wait… it needs to be 'social ready,' have blog ability, browser based CMS, and tons of widgets! Oh, oh, oh – it should have a free mobile app where I can post while I'm in the airport! Well of course it should have a built in traffic and metrics – don't be silly...