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“Plinko” Content: Zig and Zag Your Way to Brand Awareness

Storytelling is the most powerful messaging tool available to us. It doesn’t matter if that story comes from blog articles, video, podcasting, or other channels. Nothing can convey the heart and soul of brand essence like a solid story that can be retold (shared) with all the contemporary social tools. However, there is also a fallacy in the assertion that a great story is all you need...

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Posted on April 13, 2015 and filed under Brand, Advertising, Strategy.

Tilt-Shift + Time-Lapse = Toy-Like Bliss

If you've never seen a tilt shift image it's a photographic technique that make an image (best if you use a wide-angle landscape) feel like a small toy train-like toy scene - AKA: "Miniture faking". This is done by progressively blurring out most of the image but a selected location that is in pure focus.

Here are some beautiful examples:

But this post was really inspired by the following video where the tilt-shift technique was combined with a time-lapse constuction video.


Kinetic Typography – Living & Breathing

Kinetic typography is a form of graphic design typically constructed digitally to show text, shape and movement with the intent to express emotion in concert. Most of you have seen this represented recently in the Ford F-150 television spots narrated by actor/comedian Dennis Leary. The real power of this medium comes not simply what the words, shapes and fonts says or represents but the addition of motion that brings them to life. Words become more than simply copy representations, they gain personality, and within that the context is MORE than then simply what they spell.

There are fundamental various sub-genre's within this technique as well:

"Kinetic typography is a form of temporal typography (typography that is presented over time). It is distinct from other forms of temporal typography including 'serial presentation', which involves the sequential presentation of still typographic compositions. Barbara Brownie's model of temporal typography divides kinetic typography into 'motion typography' (subdivided into 'scrolling typography', 'dynamic layout') and 'fluid typography'. In dynamic layout, text elements move in relation to one another. In fluid typography, letterforms change and evolve without necessarily changing location." ~ Wikipedia

There are infinite examples if this on the web and I invite you to view them given your time.

Posted on February 16, 2010 and filed under Art, Design, Process.