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A Snapshot Self Branding Litmus Test

One of the many questions that I get about personal branding is "how do I know if my efforts are working?" While the low hanging fruit there would be, if you get a genuine sense that more and more people are hearing about you and your activities. People with strong personal brands seem to be everywhere. They seem to be engaged in the conversations of people with smart SMEs and high thought leadership. This takes time and a boat-load of work. Needless to say, people still want to know if they are improving based on their efforts.

Here is a quick list that you can benchmark test your personal brand:

  • Conversational threads on your Facebook "page" are continuing independent of your engagement.
  • Do a Google search for your name:
    • Do you own the first page?
    • Does Google images index you or multiple folks with your name?
    • Are the images of you consistent, or do they range from various locations/times that you built profiles over the course of your digital experience?
  • If you're using tools like HootSuite, sprout social and or others a standard thumbs up is a consistent percentage growth in your followers, subscribers and communities.
  • Google analytics shows more people on your website or blog. "Dwell time" ( the amount of time people spend with your content) is an important metric to show, even if in a small way, the sentiment and value to your audience.
  • Do a backlinks check on your blog.
  • Do a free SEO ranking.
  • While I'm not 100% sold on it for a great number of reasons, monitoring your account will also give you a qualifying rank that you can use as a benchmark to improve upon.
  • If you utilize live streaming or community-based services such as periscope, meerkat or conduct life are you noticing growth in the following that attend?
  • Do a Google search for the title of any of your blog posts:
    •  Did you get the number one hit? If not, start to construct (while still injecting SEO keywords) more creative titles that have unique value.
Posted on August 6, 2015 and filed under Brand, Process.

Can Media's Evolution Destroy Your Current Business Model?

What do you do when your social media audience as effectively changed the consumerization of your previous business model?

So I started my day by reading an article regarding generation Y and its single-handed responsibility for the destruction of the music industry. Now I do not intend to give you a summation of the article as I will not steal its thunder. You should read it.

Stop Selling Your Agenda & Sales Will Follow

If I was in a cartoon right now, steam would be hissing out of my ears while they blast like the “quitting time” whistle at a quarry. Because before sitting down to write this, I had a heated discussion with a colleague about how a client "envisions" handling website transactions.
Posted on November 4, 2011 and filed under Business, Soapbox, Strategy.

The "Rogue" Campaign: Part Two: Drawing Lines In The Sand

There are some critical decisions that needs to be made that can effectively make or break a rogue campaign before it even starts. Are you going to be transparent to your user that you're advertising, or not? They both have there pros and cons that break down very simply.
Posted on June 26, 2011 and filed under Advertising, Business, Content, Process.