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The Cog Lives To Sell Another Day

Many of you will remember Honda's "The Cog" seen below. The relative importance of this ad was it was more art than greed-hungry brutal sales. I'm a fan kinetic art and love its dance between form, function and meaning. What I really love about Honda's portrayal of their product in this spot is the nod to the elements that make up a vehicle. It takes with it a kinetic journey of part, weight, inertia and the fun of the board game Mousetrap. It might go without saying that the campaign was nothing short of a viral atom-bomb on the web and it's still recognized today – at least by me.

"There are no more great ideas, just the reinturpretation of them." I don't really know how much I believe in this statement but it does bring about a good point that great ideas, typically – stay great. So it appears that the new Chrome advertising took a page from The Cog, some kinetic art and some trickery from the surrealist movement and applied delicately their messaging for the future.

Posted on December 11, 2009 and filed under Advertising, Art, Design.