Does Building Airplanes In Flight While Sitting In Triage Sound Simple?

I know this is the second video that I've embedded from the 99% conference, and no I'm not getting paid to blog about it! Hell I didn't even go! With that said it's nice to listening to Scott Thomas Design Director for Obama's 2008 campaign, and relies that in the heat of the battle it's all about just getting it done and being "on it!" He covers a massive spectrum on day-to-day design and development issues that all the web industry faces. A fascinating look at what had to be a mother-load of a project. Enjoy!

"As the Design Director for Obama's 2008 campaign, Scott Thomas led a now-historic political campaign, in which branding, design, and the web played a truly pivotal role. Likening the experience to "building an airplane in flight," Scott talks about the creative's need for triage, the crucial role of incremental design improvements, and the importance of getting back to the hand and keeping things simple." -

Great tips
to live and die by. And Lastly check out Seth Godin making a great case for getting things shipped, right, wrong or in the middle.

Addendum: Someone buy me this book!