BIG talent, in small packages.

I've spent some percentage of my career freelancing and consulting as me, myself and I. Big Block Studios, came out of the idea that you could create a team around your project, rather than taking your project to a team. The point that I want to make is while agencies have incredible talent and incite, don't forget that you can bring to the table anything that you want – trust me they'll love you more for it. Don't be afraid to reach out to smaller shops for great thinking on your Web site, social media and related brand visions. Even drunks for the weekend's barbecue might have some bit of brilliance that should not get filtered out.

It's a advertorial cycle of "should we outsource our interactive (social media, video/content, e-learning), or have a full-time department?" Either way you can get BIG talent, and more often than not minimal budget contraint with smaller shops. Let them run the whole show – no. But it keeps everyone honest, and the best thinking on the surface of all projects. It's also an outstanding way to cross feritilize fresh thinking. Ask your agency who would they might recommend, more often than not they have a handful of shops that they respect and have already done work with.

This post was inspired as I cut down my demo reel to this two-piece band 'The Black Keys'. This small band creates big sound in a time when the Blues have all but been forgotten.

If that doesn't sum up it up then I've failed you all.

Posted on May 28, 2009 and filed under Soapbox.