Don't Ask Me What I Think Of Your Site

I don't ask a professional there opinion and not like the response. Especially after using the words "be honest with me." <shakes head> Recently when asked for "quick peek" at an associates site he got more than he bargained for:

Home Page:

  • Lots of stacked logos - check
  • Inconsistent graphical sizing of all images - check
  • Make links to both underlined and non-underlined hypertext functional; for a more exploratory feel I would assume or just to play mindgames with your UI - check
  • Italicize whenever the mood should strike - check
  • Flagrant disregard for rounded vs. angular compartmentalization - check
  • Five disconnected CSS font styles - check
  • Awesome selection of metaphor based stock photography - check
  • Your design company logo to dwarf footer and client logo - check

The awesomeness here is almost unrestrainable.

From this point forward there apparently was no need to discuss the sub-pages.

Posted on December 15, 2010 and filed under Art, Design, Soapbox.