The Age Of Micro Mobile Banners

So the question of the day is have you ever clicked on a banner on your cell phone? The industry is all a buzz that we MUST start buying up this 'much needed real estate' for our clients. While I don't necessarily disagree right now, it seems that the banners are more brand placement (ergo amping up brand equity) than actual click-through (CTR).

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The bigger conversation here is that we're all doing our best to figure out if we marketing our audience in the right way or are we simply thinking of it (the mobile platform) as a mini version of the web? We are doing better creating mobile enable content which is essential to this nano-attention demo. But is it enough? Are we looking at the tool through the lens of the mobile-minded user? Only time will tell if we are doing it right but I can tell you that mobile users are going to expect more than ads and tiny sales page.

The future of the mobile web advertiser:

  • Make it fast
  • Make it fun; educational; shocking or addictive
  • Give me something for my time (people think of their cell phone even a closer tie to them than their laptop or desktop units)
  • Have it link to a supporting mobile OS run application
    • The app better do something more than push your marketing message
    • The app better not make me feel like my time has been wasted
    • The app better have a reason to use it, again and again or it'll be deleted in a second
    • The app needs to feel like a part of the brand "fabric" – if your Harley Davidson it better be hard core and irreverent; if your Acura it better be sleek and techie-proof – dig it.
  • Make getting the app feel seamless
  • Keep your content fresh and topical; version control, version control, version control!
  • Support your brand with a nod to the related industry (exclusivity is becoming seen as uneducated) and remind the user why this brand, product and or service is better than all the rest.

Posted on March 17, 2010 and filed under Advertising, Business, Mobile.