Instagram Photographers That Make It Sing

One of the many things I love about the smartphone app instagram is that it treats everyone with an open playing field. Yes, there are first-timers and seasoned professionals all in the mix. The beauty of that is we're all in the same collective simply feeding off one another. Bound by a little square format and handful of filters. What comes from that is some  incredibly inspirational photography for me to witness. Here's a handful of people that never cease to amaze and humble me.

Photographers I totally dig: - @mattphotos - Has a great eye for the informal. Fun with details and interesting shots make for worthy viewing. His attention to wonderful family details integrates his work with a powerful bond. - @stardreamer - While she "claims" to be new to photography, while her composition and eye for beautiful photos is second to none. She's a raising star to buy stock in; agencies take note! - @jfalconer1 - This man can find simple moments in his native land -- a place far too cold looking for me -- that are so stunning and impressive, they often leave me speechless. And as I like to talk, that's saying a lot. ;) - @ryocoryocoryoco - One of the first 'king pin' IG'rs that ever felt the need to grace me with her comments. I've even gone as far as to tell my wife that I'm in love with @ryocoryocoryoco and her photos. Our family has a tons of cats, too.  Her imagery is bold and incredibly well composed without feeling "studio." - @mrscolville - She's a great Instagramer (or IG'r). She simply has fun with her photos and they give a real sense of who she is and that's what brings me back. Beautiful images that are real and thoughtfully composed. - @kapaa - Pure artistically-driven master IG'r. He takes incredible time to post artist quotes and visions with his photos. He also makes inspirational correlations between his photos and those of other fine artists. - @teiko6261 - While clearly most of their photos are DLSR photos, I don't count that against them at all. All IG'rs still have to go through the painstaking process of cropping their photos into a square format and that simply changes everything. If you like modern and clean imagery @teiko6261 is for you. - @xenijardin - I'm not much a celebrity chaser, as I would consider Xeni of fame just that. But her work is beautiful and simple and has hints of those like ManRay and others. Definitely worth your time. - @ddcjr - This man is clearly a master in constructing diptychs as well as capturing the family essence. One of the many things that you get as an avid IG'r is often an intimate look onto someone's life. And this man has quite a full life at that! - @kino_in_paris - These photos run the gamut from the gritty to the polished. From polish to deprevity there's a little something for everyone. I love the graffiti and subway pics, especially, that he captures. - @skvader - This young lady has an amazing ability to capture "the moment." Not simply in her portraiture, but she has a keen sense of the human condition that I quite like. - @dorotamarta - Her work is stunning and inspirational. From her landscapes to experimenting with negative space, I always return for new work. - @streetstylish - MONSTER IG'r Arianna is the coolest trendhunter to real street fashion. Her work is not only gutsy but 'off the hip', very in the moment, candid and true. - @liput - This work is intense, often abstract, mechanical and awesome. It's not conventional, highly experimental and cool. Watch for work like this to end up in a gallery when it's all said and done. - @the_black_jesus - This man captures what I call, 'pure Americana.' He's a hard working UPS man by day and kick ass photographer 24/7. Check out his work. He shoots for himself and no one else and I like that.


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an instagramer? Who do you follow? Are you using an social photo sharing application on your mobile device other than instagram? I'd love to hear more about it! Give me a shout!

Posted on March 31, 2011 and filed under Applications, Art, Mobile, People.