Instagram World: This Is Where I Live

Instagram is a photo sharing application for the iPhone (soon Android). It allows you to quickly take pictures, apply a filter and share it on the service or with a number of other services.

If you're into digital photography, you own and iphone and enjoying social networking you MUST create and account on instagram. This free application allows user to photo, filter, title, tag and upload photos. Additionally, it allows users to comment and discuss the photos. Since its enception it's been a very open community, so it's not suprise when it creators established an open API for developers to create add-ons and functionality for instagram users. So far the following resource is the best I could assemble of what's come from those efforts. Should you know of a website or service I've not listed please send it to me! Thanks and N•Joy!

Instagram presentation sites:

  • - A far and away my favorite profile aggregator for managing my photos and communicating with my followers and commenters. It has a few nice tools as well. Grid and listing while viewing photos as well as trending tools.
  • - one of the latest, and most sexy, IG profile manager out there.
  • - This is also an attractive UX for Instagram profiles, but it still does not allow you to comment to your following as easily as Just a few tweaks and this might be my primary viewer, but not yet.
  • - Just what you would think, another listing application for your account -- or if you're just interested in looking at other accounts you can do so from this web-based application.
  • - Creates a visual timeline based on your Instagram username or simply an open feed.
  • - Fun little Instagram presentation application.
  • - A cool visual scrolling browser that pushes popular photos in such a way that you'll never see the same pic twice!
  • - Keyword search #hashtags with this useful tool and get any associated tagged photo.
  • - if you're a fan of LSD, the double rainbow and Pantone color selectors you'll love this!
  • - this is an interesting lat' long' app that literally creates an Instagram map of photos from user within a given geographical location. Please note that if you want your photos to show, you'll need to have the geolocation option on when you use Instagram turned on. I'd rather not say, myself, because I'm an international ninja spy and such.
  • - Gives a random popular shot in a portfolio-like timeline. And if you're logged in you can see the same but from your own follow-feed.
  • - Cat photos on instagram.

Instagram Product Websites:

  • - Has created a line of beautiful square frames of various colors for you to present your Instagram photos within. The bamboo plywood is a 3/4" thick 3 ply with a strand grain.
  • - Pick your pics and make a sticker pack!
  • - Seems to be a crazy photo-booth-like machine that spits out Polaroid-like pics from events that would have the propensity to use Instagram heavily. Sounds dangerous. You might not be the kind that wants photos of you floating around the physical world!
  • - Zazzel-based application allows you to print on multiple product lines with your Instagram pics for purchase.
  • - Pick your pics and make cool refrigerator magnets!
  • - GramFrame is a new app that piggyback's Instagram for a cool way to view IG pics with your phone.

Social Print Shop:

  • - Social print's first claim to fame was creating printed posters of your Facebook followers, but since that time they've done a great deal more. They've embraced Instagram's API with all their might and have come up with some very clever tools and products:
  • - print posters of your (or others') photos
  • - presentation layout application for your (or others') photos
  • - is a "hot or not", win lose competitive game app for your Instagram pics

Instagram communities and tools worth looking at:

Resources for developers getting invovled in Instagram:

  • - Want to start getting in the mix with Instagram's robust API? Start here.
  • - Feedback and help for the Instagram community.
  •  - Real-time updates allow Instagram to notify developers when users post new photos. Of course, having a firehose of data would be a bit overwhelming for most, so we've made it extremely easy for developers to subscribe to new photos posted that meet certain criteria.

All-around Instagram 411 from the source:

And a couple of other for your follow list:

So have you used Instagram yet? What do like or dislike about it? How do you think brands and clients could start using it?