The Art Of The New World Resume

Whether it's a sign of the times or just the expectation of the poor economy, talent seekers are looking for more from their prospects. Resumes of the past are now being replaced with videos, presentations, self-promotional websites and clever marketing to get noticed.

Let's face it, it's scary out there right now, and for those of use without a job (and trust me I've been there), it's harder and harder to get noticed. Employers are seeking an irrational amount of skill-sets, and willing to pay but a pittance for it. Sad but true, but as it is in the favor of the employer right now we all know that we will have to survive before we thrive. Therefore, I humbly submit what I'm seeing as some killer thinking and new ways you may not have thought of to get noticed:

DJ Waldow Interactive Resume (hire this guy before someone else does):

Create A Video And Introduce Yourself:

Technology Integration:

Increase Your Creativity:

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Try Cheap Advertising For Yourself:

Try Using A Service Or Tool:

Go Mobile:

So have you used new technologies to get a job? I'd love to hear about your experiences. Tell us what we missed! Thank you.

Posted on July 13, 2011 and filed under Brand, Content, Education, Employment.