Around the World in 7 Minutes - Headhunting With Your Social Graph

So many people ask me, "Why does it seem like you know everyone?" Well, my friends, that's very much by design. It’s true that I love people and I love being social. But the new-world rolodex (my social graph) is becoming increasingly valuable to your employer and your clients.

Case in point: The other day I was speaking with a friend in a rapidly growing social media tool (look for an interview with him in an upcoming post). He asked, as many do, "Hey, do you know someone who does …" – in this case it was WordPress plug-in development.

Because I’m properly plugged in, I can be off to the races when someone presentsa query like that. And you should be as well.

My steps for headhunting with my social graph include, but are not limited to:

1. First and foremost, hit your primary Twitter account and say, "Hey everyone, I'm looking for someone who does [fill in the blank], give me a shout if you have someone you trust – OR THAT'S YOU! #freelance.” Or that #hashtag can be consulting or whatever.

Important note: You can make money finding people! So if you're doing it for free, give away as much information as necessary in order for the freelancer NOT to contact you unless they have a question. Then you're done. 

2. Distribute the query through your other primary social channels. I prefer my Facebook  page (sometimes even my personal page if applicable), my Google+ page, and my LinkedIn chat stream.

3. Then if you wish, you can post more material about the job to your app distribution points like:

4. Not surprisingly, people like me also know other really well-connected people! Connect with them through real-time chat by way of Skype, Google, Facebook Messenger and AIM. You find the people applicable to the need, then cut and paste the request. If it’s not in their wheelhouse, more often than not they know someone who is right for the job! 

5. When you do find someone who fits the criteria, it's important that YOU check them out for your contact. If the developer, writer, designer or consultant seems sound on the surface, pass on the lead with the caveat that you have not worked with them. And suggest that they also vet the contact.

With all of this working in harmony, just yesterday I connected a developer in Moscow with a company in New Jersey in seven minutes. Beat that.

If you’re a connector like me, let's connect! Please follow me on all the applicable social points located on the left-hand side of this blog. And additionally, reach out to me on Skype and AIM at username "JUSTICEMITCHELL" - Please note that if you are a recruiter I do require a leads fee for this service. But I make it worth your while, because I keep my circle well vetted and fresh.

Do you have other techniques for finding great talent? I'd love to hear them!

Thanks and all my best. Happy hunting!