Where in the World is Justice Mitchell?

I know that I've been bad about posting the past two weeks. I've been buried in a ton of interesting things.  

Let's recap shall we?

  • I helped launch (as part of my consulting practice) a ten year old secret patented technology that's finally going to be released very soon. A 4k laser-based video projection technology out of Kansas City. No, this is the old site, keep your pants on.
  • The agency that I work for won 'Best Of Show' at the Addy's. Congratulations to Dale Baron and Lisa Hoffman of Starmark for assembling a powerhouse campaign that is rocking the ROI for The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau. I've been honored to play several roles within the context of that program.
  • I directed a photo-shoot of four luxury homes (for Starmark Luxury Vacation Homes) that span about one thousand miles of drive time for me in three days. And I learned what a square grouper is!
  • I'm completing the final touches on CD artwork for a new Heavy Metal band coming out of Florida called "Dark Matter" – stay tuned.

Additionally this week, I'm building two awesome presentations for gigs next week:

Somewhere in there I'm a Dad, a friend and creative director as well – oh and my sense of fashion still sucks. I'll get back to the action of posts and content soon. Sorry for the delay. Hold tight, it doesn't get any easier :) Let me know your sched' we should do lunch ;)

Posted on March 14, 2012 and filed under Business, Content, Design.