You Want Real Social Business? Done.

Integrated Social Business, Deployment & Optimization

I get a lot of questions frequently that seem to pile up. In the "social" aspects of what I do professionally it seems that there are no concrete answers. Everyone answer is vague and tirelessly noncommittal. Instead of trying to chip away at each one, I took a big stab at aggregating as many as I could think of and putting a bow on em'. I know the deck seems needlessly massive but I think there's some great takeaways in there no matter what level you're at.

I created this deck as if I was starting a client that had no social graph established. A clean social slate if you will. So (of course) there's a lot of sections worthy of debate in an enterprise level client, but if you want to debate that you need a better hobby than me... maybe chess or scrapbooking – OOO, PINTEREST!

It's needless to say this but I'd love to hear your feedback. I know many of you that read my material are also in this everchanging ball of hysteria. That means (in my mind) your process is just as good, if not better than mine. So let's talk shop.