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I Got A Golden Ticket! But Is Google+ All That Glitters?

So no surprise in the social world. The hottest invite to a beta launch this week is Google+. Google has finally stepped into the ring with Facebook to take on the social giant. Is it ready for prime time? Well that remains to be seen on a great many levels, but I'll say it's worth trying for sure. Google's tools are always very good, solid if you will. But the past has shown us a line of projects that never got the attention they deserved such as Google Wave and others. There's a great deal of discussion of whether or not much of that (Google Wave) technology might be repurposed in Google+ — yet another item that remains to be seen.

Facebook Business 101

So what's Facebook good for?

Wasting time, yes I cannot agree with you more there. It's a time-suck the likes of a black hole on the internet. But understanding that in this case will help you better embrace what kind of content is appropriate and where best to make allegiances to better your Facebook clout. There are couple of key things to remember about Facebook.

  • Facebook is the Jr. High School of Social Networks. You need to be there and be active because there is such a time-synch there from users. But remember making your content too heavy can backfire on Facebook. Leave the intellectual banter to your blog, white papers and case-studies.
  • For most savvy companies using Facebook as a way to advertise, the presence of incredibly detailed profiles is what makes it such a fertile ground to advertise on. Users spend a tremendous amount of time, among many things "LIKE-ing" products, services, brands, entertainment and personal extensions of themselves such as liking "sleeping in" and drinking "merlot." This may all seem very silly to some but your customer is an intricate fabric of likes and dislikes, and the more you drill down to a granular 'target profile,' the more apt you will be to convert on your ROI.
  • Keep in mind that your Facebook "page" is a platform for timeliness within your vertical, thus creating greater awareness. The best thing your page can do is drive you to your website  where you can begin the process or real conversion.
  • Remember that the most liked pages are things that connect people to entertainment, such as music, movies and television. †he least are things like local business and services. So the closer you can align your messaging with the popular culture of your demographic, the more apt they will be to connect with you.
  • Keep your content simple, entertaining and topical. And for God's sake have someone from the demographic you're trying to appeal to hired to connect with the user base. If you own a car that's more than 30k don't fool yourself, you DON'T know what Millenias are thinking.
  • Lastly, and possibly the most important, work with a social media professional or agency to construct a 'Social SOP.' You have an employee manual for your day-to-day business and you break down professional expectation in an employee description don't you? Social Media MUST have guidelines of usage, voice and directives. This will ensure that your brand speaks properly and consistently.

Do the math:

Both men and women on Facebook, on average have 130 friends. Start compounding the number exponentially should you message yourself correctly and people begin to "LIKE" your messaging. Because when someone likes you, this action is placed on their profile and dependent upon the trust level one has with that person, others often have the propensity to like things in return.

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Will Facebook Ever Burn-Out?

So I'm talking with my Father-In-Law who is convinced that Facebook is one of those "dot coms" that will be gone tomorrow. And while in a way I can't say that I blame him, having been through a VC funded .com startup, I can say that I don't see Facebook leaving us like a drunken mall gypsy that stole a mini van.

That being said there's many reasons why this is the case, they are as follows (but are not limited too):

  • We put an amazing amount of personal time into nurturing and communication with our account, therefore the ability to break-up with it becomes harder and harder the longer we maintain the relationship.
  • They have created both a B2C and B2B platforms respectively, with pages and profiles. I'd consider a tonal variation to denote this but I digress.
  • Based on the "Likes" that I submit to my profile the more granular and topical the information I tend to find myself in. I find that people within my faceposse' tend to gravitate to various link-minded topics. And do to the way that Facebook puts your your life on display (given that you've set your privacy settings to make it so) you find yourself quickly attached to people within the same conversational and topical mindset.
  • The UI, while it changes seemingly constantly, it's pretty user-friendly and revisions to its layout are more often than not progressively better.
  • Facebook as a revenue model! OMG, what a concept. Beyond simply advertising, their are Facebook "credits"  (and soon Zynga's "rewardville") that are available at most all major department stores.
  • Lastly, they have a progressive acquisition model that adopts pretty sound technologies, therefore it's not a .com, it's a cluster of relevant properties that support an overall initiative.

While I'm not a Facebook fanboy per se I will say that I use it for a great many things outside of simply just communication. I will explore these in my next post.

So what are your thoughts? Share this article with your friends and give me your thoughts and comments below. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

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