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How To Hire A Social Media Commodore

So you intend to hire a social media professional. You come to the point in your marketing where you understand that you have too many social channels, too much conversation occurring and too many metrics to follow to make any sense of it. Consider this a measurement of your marketing growth. Five years ago, to staff for this position seemed ludicrous and something that you would just train for internally. Now we see that this isn't simply a necessity within your business, but an opportunity to serve your customers in a much better and engaging way.
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Social Standard Operating Procedures: The Art Of Engagement

What makes Social Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) different is more the how-to aspect of the position. What is the baseline of responsibility of the position. This also sets valuable performance indicators for your HR staff to measure the talent of a given employee. And much like all situations have a sliding scale, it gives everyone involved in the process a barometer by which to work by. I will say the caveat to a SSOP is that there are so many variables to digital social communications...

Weapons for Hunting the Elusive Creative Job - v2.0


The Backbone: Not that this is going to come as a surprise but these sites are the first sites you need to work on. Get your resume, contact information and profile up-to-date as soon as possible. Don’t forget to setup alerts based on your search criteria; it’s best to get them sent every morning.

Creative Resources: Here’s the fork in the road. For creatives we need to get our work out there on the “interwebs”, almost as soon (sometimes sooner) than our resume. The following sites are important. These sites act as a place where you can post your resume information and, furthermore, most of them allow you a basic portfolio (for free) where your work can be seen. Some offer “upgraded” accounts, at cost, that allow you to post more work to your portfolio. Understand that not only employers search these sites but recruitment firms (head-hunters) do as well to cherry pick the best talent to pitch.

Social Outreach: Unless you just stepped out of a time machine from the past you’ll know that employers want to know you before they even pick up the phone. Social media sites play a REAL part letting employers get to know you, your interests, and your personality. WORK YOUR NETWORK! works to cross reference your LinkedIn account to see if you know anyone that’s working at posted job. This way you can reach out to that contact and do some critical due-diligence prior to applying.

Project & Freelance Work: There's a growing need for freelancers and consultants of all times in the design, web and advertising market. Once settled in this genre you can do quite well. So, if you’re ready to battle everyone with a copy of CorelDraw and a fistful of clip art I give you the following URL’s. Vaya con dios mi amigo.

Design & Dev:



Just Jobs: The following sites are a mixed bag of freelance and full time positions.

Portfolio Builders: Here are a couple of great sites to build your portfolio on.

Digital Asset Swapping: Interesting concept here if you’re interested in sifting your old comps', code and images. You never know you might even make some cash.

Geek/Design Dork Dating: The name says it all.

Additional Trusted Creative Job Resources:

Get Creative Articles Published:

Sites to post webdesign, CSS and grahic design to promote your portfolio:

Design Blogs Resources & Intel:

The Following Design Blog List Artfully Assembled by David Airey:

  • Design Observer: writings about design & culture
  • Smashing Magazine – a weblog dedicated to web-developers and designers
  • Core77 / design magazine + resource /
  • Authentic Boredom – by graphic designer, Cameron Moll
  • Coudal Partners: a forum for creativity and experimentation
  • CR Blog – News and views on visual communications from the writers of Creative Review
  • Design Notes published by Michael Surtees who tries to see life filtered through design as opposed to placing design on a pedestal
  • Dexigner – popular design portal featuring the latest design news
  • Hicksdesign – Journal of a small creative agency based in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK, authored by Jon Hicks
  • I Love Typography, devoted to fonts, typefaces and all things typographical.
  • Mark Boulton: Design Thinking. Web Delivery. By a designer based in Cardiff, UK.
  • Quipsologies – Corralling the most relevant and creative on- and off-line bits that pertain to the design community.
  • Randa Clay Design – Design, Marketing, Blogging, Branding and all things Creative
  • Russell Davies – incredibly diverse UK-based blog on topics associated with design
  • Speak Up > Design Dialog
  • Subtraction 7.0 –’s Design Director, Khoi Vinh, blogs about design and other relevant info.
  • Swissmiss – tina roth eisenberg | swiss designer gone nyc
  • Typographica. A Journal of Typography.
  • Veer: The Skinny – provides visual elements for use in professional creative work
  • Veerle’s blog 2.0 – Webdesign – XHTML CSS | Graphic Design
  • You the Designer – Graphic Design Blog
  • Logo Design Love: a website dedicated to all things logo.
  • Ace Jet 170 – Found type, print and stuff
  • AisleOne – Design, typography and everything else.
  • Anamorphosis. learn design create
  • Be A Design Group – a blog for graphic designers, created in March of 2004 by Adrian Hanft and Bennett Holzworth.
  • Chris Glass, The Last 10 Days. A creative fella’s journal from Ohio.
  • Creative Curio – Learn, discuss and explore the realm of graphic design.
  • Designers who Blog – features blogs discussing graphic design, web design, illustration, marketing, photography, branding, writing and advertising
  • Design Adaptations | Charity Ondriezek
  • Design is Kinky – a proudly Australian blog on design
  • Design Sojourn | Strategic Industrial Design Blog
  • — Articles and Resources for Web Designers
  • Design View: Articles, Essays and Opinions by Andy Rutledge
  • Elite By Design a freelance and web design community website
  • Fuel Your Creativity – Find your spark
  • Grain Edit – covers contemporary graphic design / illustration, as well as design from the from the golden era of advertising (1950s–1970s).
  • Graphic Define Magazine – focuses on the business of running a graphic, interactive, or web design studio.
  • Ideasonideas, a blog that invites dialogue on issues relevant to communication designers and brand strategists
  • Inspiration Bit – Get inspired and learn from the latest technology, art and design buzz on the Web.
  • Inspiredology – covers everything that inspires us.
  • ISO50 – The Visual Work of Scott Hansen
  • Jasongraphix :: A journal of art, thoughts, and projects by Jason Beaird
  • Noisy Decent Graphics by Ben Terrett, a Graphic Designer in London
  • Positive Space :: The Graphic Design Blog
  • Spoon Graphics – the personal project of Chris Spooner, a UK based Graphic / Web Designer.
  • Swiss Legacy – Graphic design and typography
  • The Dieline – packaging design blog
  • The Serif – Your daily dose of design inspiration
  • Things to look at – plenty of images, and oddly, things to look at
  • Type for you. A blog on typography, by Pedro Serrão, a graphic designer from Porto, Portugal.
  • TypeNeu dedicated to typography, fonts, lettering and typefaces
  • AdGoodness – advertising and design blog from Frederik Samuel
  • Andy Budd :: Blogography – based in Brighton, England
  • BittBox – Homemade vector freebies, design tips, tutorials and bitts.
  • Computerlove – Connecting Creative Talents
  • Creativebits | Apple orientated design community (must register to comment)
  • David the Designer – don’t underestimate the knowledge this man has acquired (and don’t call him Dave)
  • Elliot Swan survived three days without the internet
  • FormFiftyFive – Design Inspiration – the pet project of designers Glenn Garriock and Jack Daly
  • GraphicPUSH – “a sporadically but faithfully updated design blog”
  • Graphic Design Blog – graphic design, freelancing, illustration, advertising, web design
  • Laughing Lion Design : Web, Graphic Design & Illustration Ireland
  • Lealea Design: Blogblog: Design inspiration and introspection
  • Luz Cannon: The Work of David Brooks : Designer, Photographer and Audio Producer
  • NOTCOT.ORG – for your ideas + aesthetics + amusement.
  • SeptemberIndustry | a showcase of the best in international graphic design
  • SonSpring | Journal by Nathan Smith
  • We Made This (It’s Our Blog)
  • Your Brain on Design: A Graphic Design Blog | Leslie Tane Design
  • Binky the doormat – Thoughts on design and visual culture by Daniel Gray
  • CrazyLeaf Design Blog – Web Design and Graphic Design Blog
  • Creative Guy – tips, tricks, tutorials and discussion about Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator for designers running Mac OSX
  • Designer Daily graphic design inspiration and resources
  • Gazelle Creative – by Elizabeth Jackson (a.k.a. Zabs)
  • Gradient dropshadow curve – by Henry Tapia
  • Just Creative Design – personal blog of Jacob Cass, a graphic designer in Australia
  • Outlaw Design Blog – A Graphic Design Blog
  • Reflections – the personal blog of Paul Enderson, a freelance web and graphic designer from England
  • Truly Ace – Graphic Design Blog
  • Tutorial Blog – Design Articles and Tutorials
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Putting A Contract Out On Yourself

If you're unemployed and searching diligently hopefully you will entertain an offer (ideally two). With that said it is important to remember a few keys points before accepting that next step in your career. Remember that each person's needs and career desires are different. For some health insurance is important, others it might be culture but regardless be sure to have everyone on the same page before 'day one.'

  • First and foremost, get the offer in writing from the perspective employer (email is fine, but make sure there's a hard copy being sent behind it).
  • Get a full job description. Don't put yourself in a situation where people assumed your role meant more, or less than it does. Within this description be sure that success criteria is listed, this is very important if part of your role is developing new business.
  • Get a defined list of health care (include dental and eye coverage) and life insurance programs.
  • 401k? Do they match, and to what percentage?
  • Is there a travel percentage expectation in a standard month?
  • Do they have profit sharing?
  • Outline any specific computer type (operating system), office materials or additional allocations that will be needed prior to acceptance.
  • Miscellaneous: Cell phone reimbursement (include apps', if your position should have an understanding of mobile trends), company credit card and defined departmental budget. Is there parking or tolls outside the standard day that could accrue against you?
  • Continuing education: Will money be put aside for additional education, seminars or conventions for your position?
  • Relocation: Will they pay for the move? Will they provide packing services? Will they find you a home or will that be your responsibility? If they will not find you a home, do they have corporate housing or apartments? And IF your previous home does not selling within "X" number of months will they purchase it at market value?
  • Additional protection: Ask that if you are laid off for any reason that there is a built-in severance allocation of three months or more. This is especially important if you moved to take the job.

Needless to say you won't win them all. Remember, it's important to understand that you need to make sure that you get everything buttoned up prior to starting the job. Chances are extremely slim that you'll get anything after signing the employment agreement. A good employer wants to keep you happy as much as you want to do a great job for them. So get it all in writing and start a job on the right foot.

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