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IKEA Kitties Are Simply Purrrrfect

What better way to show the chaos and diversity of everyone's family and the comfort of home within the spirit of the product than this concept: Release a a shit-ton of cats on an unsuspecting IKEA and its products to film the outcome. Here's some 'behind the scenes' for this concept.

And for all that hard work, cat scratches and aimless herding here's the commercial payoff, and what a payoff it is. Simply purrrrfect. N-joy!

The Story Is The Only Seed You Get To Give

I've preached storytelling for years. I've worked for firms that specialize in nothing but world-class storytelling. But what advertisers continue to forget is the power that comes from it. Watch TV for an hour. Of all the commercials you were berated with what compelled you to write down (or if your like a lot of us) or type in the URL? What made you laugh? What made you say "@*$&%, that ad is annoying!" and what made you talk beyond the seed that was given to you?

BMW Films, The NoLaf Institute (pure unrecognized brilliance), HBO Image and no surprise to me Honda's "Power of Dreams" campaign. Budding young mind and crotchety old bastards alike take the 10 minutes and digest the following clip:

  • What do you remember?
  • Would you be compelled to watch another one?
  • Did it extend, enrich and grow the brand?
  • What is completely self-serving?
  • Would you talk, share or extend the brand?
  • As a consumer did it make you trust the brand?
  • Did it make the brand more or less elite?
  • Besides the fact that you wish you had this budget for your current clients, did it compel you to engage in the social media extensions?
  • Will it effect change in you external to its messaging?

If your not asking half of the list during the concept stage than your probably want to kill your creative director, throw a chair through a window and join a pack of wolves to kill something.


It's rare I add onto a post but I just found this amazing little story from the Pereira & O'Dell, Sharethrough Agency for Lego and the launch of their new website


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Movie $poilers $ave My $anity

Let me be the first to say that I LOVE the movies! I have purchased well over 700 titles, both in feature length and television programming. But to this date a good spoiler will save you money, sanity and frankly the general angst you feel after killing $40 (tickets, bevies' and corn) and two hours of your life. YOUR LIFE! You cannot get it back people.

With that said, I read a great one recently on the movie "Orphan". Now, I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag but let's just say – thank you. Had I wasted the time and attention to get the byproduct that was outed I would have gone mental.

<Insert Spoiler the "Orphan" Here>

Some people tell me "well now you don't want to see it!," and nothing could be further from the truth. More often than not having that knowledge is an appetiser to the films potential.

Some great spoiler sites to improve your quality of life are as follows:
For Television:
For Movies:

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