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Let's Blab About

Recently, I been conducting a soft launch of my agencies brand at Big Block Studios.  Within this process I have had a renewed desire to tinker with the toys. One of the many that I have come across in the past few months is blab.  Even though blab is in beta, it's doing an admirable job accruing the best parts of Google hangouts, tweet chats and streaming programming.  If you have an already watched an episode it looks much like the opening of the Brady Bunch. You have a large middle ground, with four chattering heads and two columns left and right.  

See (click image) the outline below for a bit more clarity:

As with most things that we get introduced to out of the gate the user interface is a little bit daunting. But if you've ever been on a Google hangout, or a tweet chat, it'll start to make sense rather rapidly. And to its credit, blab has done a very admirable job with its mobile application well. If you intend to utilize the service for educational purposes or to create content, I highly advise getting the app as well.

Lastly, there is a lot of things in the works for me both personally and professionally going forward with my relaunch of Big Block Studios. That said, we're going to try to utilize more immersive content properties such as blab for educational purposes.  We've even decided to give it a little sub brand called "Big Block Edu" —  just general chatter about creativity, integrated marketing, and anything we find interesting to talk about.

Therefore, joint us today (NOT IN OCTOBER, TODAY! LOL! — remember, the service is in "beta") on our first episode with blab, with discussions regarding personal branding. Hope to see you!

Do you blab?  I would love to follow you, as well as have you follow me. We have a great big bucket full of ideas for future shows and we would love to hear yours as well.

Let's do this!

Building an App? Keep Your Marketers in Mind

Look at the fantastic group of Type-A brainiacs you gathered around that table to brainstorm the next great Web-based, mobile or tablet application. You have a list of goals, functionality and UI/UX ideas. However, I bet that nowhere on the list is anything about how advertisers will use the tool. But I bet you DID think about how brands will use the tool – didn’t ya?
Posted on February 1, 2012 and filed under Applications, Business, Design.

Kicking The Tires: Proximity Check-In Apps That Are Not Foursquare

 Brightkite: is a location-based social networking website that is available on any mobile device. Users "check in" at places by using text messaging or one of the mobile applications and they can see who is nearby and who has been there before. The service was created in 2007 by Brady Becker, Martin May and Alan Seideman who previously founded the SMS notification service Loopnote.

Pro's: Nice interface and it good social features. Group text is intriguing.

Con's: Less 'game play' then I've come to expect. Feels like it needs a lot more to stay competitive.


Friends Around: Friends Around is a mobile app for interacting with friends 24/7 across social networks without being tied to a computer. It’s a free iPhone app developed by Zila Networks LLC, a Miami based start-up.

Pro's: A lot of rating based feedback from uploaded photos.

Con's: Cumbersome to add new people and just not that much fun yet. I relies that the mapping function [should] be cool but it's too early for engagement. This app too needs to get more feature rich to compete I'm affraid.

Side Note: I did see a lot of late teen - early twenties male demo on this at an NFL game I checked into this weekend. I'm not sure what, if anything that means.


Waze: Waze is a social mobile application providing free turn-by-turn navigation based on the live conditions of the road.
100% powered by users, the more you drive, the better it gets.

Pro's: This is a turn-by-turn GPS application yes, it's also a bit of social gaming. What I LIKE about Waze is it combines the intelligence of Trapster and adds a dash of game play. You unlock points and seniority by the amount of mileage you drive while using it, that's a bit of a pro and con to me.

Con's: There's a lot going on. They could invest in some UI testinging as well. Also, rule number one with wayfinding, name it what everyone else names it. Don't call "Directions" "Drive To" call it directions and everyone (mainly me) will be happy.


Whrrl: Whrrl 3.0 is a social location-based game to get people out into the world trying new things. Users become members of "Whrrl Societies" based on their real-world passions. As of August 2010, there were more than 3,000 Whrrl Societies. Whrrlers earn "influence points" as they try new things themselves and successfully inspire others to try things, and they share ("prove") their adventures by sharing photos and text with friends and other Society members.

Pro's: First, the app looks and responds beautifully. Elegant animations and transition screens abound. It's powered by which proves to offer a lot of initial data respectively. The app's a bit advanced to a user unaccustomed to a check-in environments.  As you're checking in, it's making you a founder to established locations and creator of societies of influence. Very cool, but a bit heady given that you're new to proximity based (location based) applications.

Con's: A lot to take on if it's your first but I don't have any outstanding fails – yet.