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Twenty Years of Crap Management

Currently we are a three-feline family: two Siamese brothers named Ricky and Bobby, and a ragdoll/shorthair mix named Niko. I've also had a tabby and a polydactyl American shorthair. What does this mean, other than all my furniture is scratched, and I can't walk out of the house wearing a suit without meticulously using a military-grade lint roller?
Posted on October 20, 2011 and filed under Blogging, Parenting, Soapbox.

IKEA Kitties Are Simply Purrrrfect

What better way to show the chaos and diversity of everyone's family and the comfort of home within the spirit of the product than this concept: Release a a shit-ton of cats on an unsuspecting IKEA and its products to film the outcome. Here's some 'behind the scenes' for this concept.

And for all that hard work, cat scratches and aimless herding here's the commercial payoff, and what a payoff it is. Simply purrrrfect. N-joy!