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BlogTalkTV — Because Killer Content Should Be FUN!

I recently had the incredible opportunity to work with the folks at BlogTalkTV. A joint project of many, but it's spearheaded by Bess Auer of the Florida Blog and Ben Reed of Orlando Water Hole. Any chance I get to hire either one of these folks I take it – there amazingly talented. So when I was asked to come on and talk about content marketing and all the things that I'm involved in, I jumped at the chance. Enjoy!

The Content Marketing Mantra: “Create Once, Use Many”

When developing social media messaging, there is often a knee-jerk reaction to constructing a post per channel. This is not an unfounded best practice. We often see good social media marketers crafting unique posts for each channel based on network constraints such as character count, media limitations and so forth. However, the best-case scenario is to construct content in way that it can be utilized across your social graph ... [ read the remainder of the article here ]

Posted on September 24, 2014 and filed under Content, Social Media.

Social Deployment And Content Marketing are NOT the Same

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the term “content marketing.” One of them is the belief that content deployment should be carried out with same approach you would use with a traditional mixed-media campaign.

Although social deployment and content media are indeed entangled in the same marketing fabric – they are not the same thing ... [Read The Remaining Article Here]

Taking Stock In Your Stock

They say that a picture can speak a thousand words. I wouldn't deny this for a second, nor would I question the power of words, editing, locations and the cadence created within video to construct emotional value. So when I found this video, I laughed to myself. While in the end it does end up being an advertisement for a stock video company, it also says a lot about advertising and our willingness to digest it.