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What Creative Dreams Are Made Of

It's funny when you have the perfect storm of client and creative willing to swim in the deep end. Such is the case with Google. I did an early post on the product of these shoots and how it embraced the power of campaign like Honda's "The Cog" and kinetic art as a whole. But any creative will tell you that involvement in creative such as Google's "The Speed of Chrome" would be heavenly. Enjoy!

Peer To Peer Fun

Co-Worker at Social Media Strategist extradenaire Murray Izenwasser recently sent me some art direction. Enough to make me scream if he'd not been fighting in the same trenches as I:

A couple of items:

  • Please don't make it too 'Liney' or too 'Curvey.'
  • Also, use blue. But don't use too much blue.
  • Maybe one line and one curve in blue.  
  • If you can, use photoshop to make me better looking, that would be great.  Maybe taller and thinner, too.
  • With a better personality. Something people would actually like.
  • Also, please use either Comic Sans or Papyrus, unless you want to use Bradley Hand or Curlz MT.
  • And don't bold the text, unless you really think you should.
  • But if you do, please make sure it doesn't look bolded.
  • If you can make my eyes blue to match the color of the waves in the background that would be great.
  • And make sure there is a 17.5 pixel border around it.
  • And I want to have both my Mom and Sophie (my 3 year old) look at it, to get their opinion.

But do whatever you think is best.

Posted on December 18, 2009 and filed under Advertising, Design, LOL.