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Movie Titles 2 Die 4: Sherlock Holmes

"The sequence creative director Danny Yount, a self-taught Emmy-winning designer/director produced main titles for Six Feet Under and The Grid while at Digital Kitchen. He currently resides at Prologue Films and has created titles for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man and RockNRolla." ~ The Art Of The Title

I think from a graphic design standpoint that I love the most is digital effects of traditional media. I LOVE the pencils and ink feel. The stop edits are perfect to transition to and the background tone of the parchment like paper is perfect to assign age and classical feel to the drawings. Lastly, I like the font usage as it feel very hand scripted but not elegant, a roughen style of text which sets a gritty masculine mood.

You thoughts? Send me your favorite trailer and tell me what you love about it.

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Me And The Future Of My Daughter's Dating Process

Few things truly terrify me anymore. I was loner in my youth with a small circle of tight-knit friends, but was plagued by bullies and self-imposed stress. And because of said past I will never be bullied again, not in life, not in work. If you know me you'll also know a few things to be true and if you don't here goes:

  • I'm paranoid about everything, often to a fault
  • I'm overly sensitive and passionate about the care, well being and success of family and friends
  • And "my girls" - Shannon (my wife) and Sydney (my daughter) are at the center of my world
  • I'm a work-a-holic with an energetic sense of whimsy to mentor and learn from those around me
  • I'm hyper-critical of my own design process but am rarely 'married' to anything I do; a bit if a love/hate thing I guess
  • When it comes to technology I constantly feel like I'm falling behind (the reality is I'm usually 6-12 months ahead)
  • I'm scared of blank screens before I start designs
  • And there's nothing I like more than to make people laugh

With all that narcissism out of the way let me take you to a period of my life that truly terrifies me: My daughter (who is three at the time of this post) dating. Currently, the only thing that makes the idea only mildly pallettable is this video clip from the movie Bad Boys II. N-Joy.

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Horror/Thriller Movies: The Key Ingredients To Fear

"Fear is primal, to really scare someone, you have to tap into those primal instincts that are hard coded into our psyche. It reminds us that we aren't in control of ourselves as much as we think we are." ~ Mike Monello (@mikemonello) Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director @campfirenyc
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