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Idea Alchemy - Recipes For Success

First and foremost is that today’s youth aren’t as hardwired as I expected to pursue and adapt the latest technology. I was surprised to see that fewer kids than I anticipated were attached to a social channel. Facebook was the primary platform of choice for social communication, and a few students selected personalized channels such as Instagram or Pinterest. Additionally, I was surprised that more kids were not putting their arms around these channels to get a foot in the door for their upcoming career.
Posted on January 16, 2013 and filed under Design, Process, Strategy.

Justice Mitchell's 2012 Predictions: Part Two

Cloud computing services: This should come as no real revelation. Cloud computing and everything cloud-related will explode from here on out. I'm also going to make the assumption that my readership already knows about cloud computing. If not, go here and get your learning on.

2010 Archive: "Change" & Rebooting Your Life

I guess I should not be surprised that [real] life-changing things are happening to people I consider to be real extended family. Just like your parents telling you "wow, we have friends passing away" you don't hold hands with mortality in the same ways that they do from generation-to-generation. While I'm sure I will just not at this point yet. But many things have transpired, and are transpiring in my life that are reminding me how fragile life really is and how much my loved ones and friends mean. In fair-weather times we naturally take these moments for granted, but in times like these I'm beginning to see one door close and another open. It's not good or bad (dependent upon situation) it's simply being confronted with unknowing, and often times uncontrollable change. I see more and more that humanities real survival is not just adpating and evolving but the acceptance of this change. No, this post doesn't end with some witty takeaway just know that beyond this holiday season take the gift that is change and do your best to accept it and apply it. Learn from your past as it's trully all you have as reference at any given moment and work to make your life better for yourself, your family and those around you. One final thought, log off and log back into your childs eyes. Hold them, be happy with them and cherish your significant others.

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