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Landing The Pinterest Mothership

I joke about everything, having said that, I also want you guys to have as much 'actionable tactics' as I can muster. Therefore, here's the biggest brain-dump I could put together on the 'hot as a firecracker' social channel of Pinterest. So let's give birth to this thing and move along!

SquareSpace - The Website Design & Development Multi-Tool

I need it really fast and I don't have a lot of money. Oh and I want to be able to control it after your done because I don't want to pay you for your maintenance and community servicing ability. Wait… it needs to be 'social ready,' have blog ability, browser based CMS, and tons of widgets! Oh, oh, oh – it should have a free mobile app where I can post while I'm in the airport! Well of course it should have a built in traffic and metrics – don't be silly...

Instagram World: This Is Where I Live

If you're into digital photography, you own and iphone and enjoying social networking you MUST create and account on instagram. This free application allows user to photo, filter, title, tag and upload photos. Additionally, it allows users to comment and discuss the photos. Since its enception it's been a very open community, so it's not suprise when it creators established an open API for developers to create add-ons and functionality for instagram users...