How Can A 4-Year-Old Teach You The Meaning Of Life?

My 4-year-old daughter “Sydney” is a great many things to me. First and foremost, I hope she becomes a valuable member of society. Secondly, I hope that she can teach you a few things that she has already taught me:

  • The act of “pretending” is the basis of all storytelling. 
  • When listening to others it is essential to smile, nod and interact in a way suitable for the conversation. 
  • As long as you're not laughing at someone, there's never an inappropriate time. 
  • Dancing at an inappropriate time can be the spice of life.
  • Filling your empty thoughts with unicorns, rainbows and dolphins is never a bad thing.
  • Anyone that you walk up to could potentially be your friend.
  • Ask lots and lots of questions. Questions lead to great stories, and a wealth of additional information.
  • It has been said that if you don't know what is impossible, then nothing is.
  • It is best to keep the mindset that your stresses should be few, while your life should be full.
  • Be excited to go outside.
  • Look for an animal or interesting “thing” in every cloud.
  • It's okay to think that the moon follows you.
  • There's nothing that can't be said to the tune of “Mary had a Little Lamb”.
  • Farts are actually funny – get over it.
Posted on June 16, 2012 and filed under Parenting, People, Storytelling.