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Content Marketing Is the Core of Thought Leadership

I spent last weekend at a college reunion with an endless array of incredibly talented people. A common theme in many of the wide-ranging conversations was, “What are you doing now?” However, the subtext was more along the lines of, “What do you intend to do now that you’ve reached the halfway point in your career?”

Much of the discussion was about constructing environments for a personal brand, extended consulting services, and what I would consider a “thought leadership” play ... (Continue article here)

Make Your Storytelling Content Worth Sharing

Storytelling is the most powerful messaging tool available to us. It doesn’t matter if that story comes from blog articles, video, podcasting, or other channels. Nothing can convey the heart and soul of brand, product or personal essence like a solid story that can be retold (shared) with contemporary social tools.

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How Brand Builders Can Prep For Content Creators

One of the many things I do for my clientele is to construct a totality of vision. This is especially important with people who develop brands. When one begins to look at the process, pieces and taxonomy that go into constructing a brand, they often forget about smaller and more ancillary pieces. This is not necessarily the fault of the brand builder, as they may have existing knowledge about what previously worked in certain circumstances. In the new world marketing agenda, however, one must think far past the periphery of the basic needs in a brand.

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Posted on March 5, 2015 .

BlogTalkTV — Because Killer Content Should Be FUN!

I recently had the incredible opportunity to work with the folks at BlogTalkTV. A joint project of many, but it's spearheaded by Bess Auer of the Florida Blog and Ben Reed of Orlando Water Hole. Any chance I get to hire either one of these folks I take it – there amazingly talented. So when I was asked to come on and talk about content marketing and all the things that I'm involved in, I jumped at the chance. Enjoy!