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Using DLSR Mics With iPhone Video

So there's seem VERY little data out there that tells you the "mystery of the cables." So I thought now is as good at time to let the cat out of the bag. For a while know I've been sent all kinds of cables and mics that I was told by the supplier would work for shooting mobile journalism (MoJo) style content. Well it would seem that very few shops [really] get it. Then I had a great educational overview with the folks at!

The cable included in the microphone package for DSLR cameras is a Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) input. Mobile phones uses a (TRRS) input. TRRS stands for “Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve,” which reflects the fact that, unlike a standard stereo connector, this actually has three conductors and a ground.

So now at this point, I'm interested in getting some good audio to my iPhone — so let's shop, shall we? To put a bow on it, it looks like this:

Microphone » TRRS cable (in this case the RODE SC7) out of that mic » into the the highly recommended RODE SC6 breakout box » iphone – This configuration will give you the coveted ability to listen to your audio with headphones while shooting your video. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the need to do this.

If you're into MoJo or Film making on a budget get a Beastgrip and build a monster.

Content Bots & The New World Order

Mark Schaefer and incredibly gifted and insightful inbound marketing SME has brought to forefront the discussion of content bots:

Is there any way to future-proof ourselves from automated writing, or will we soon merely remember our days of human writing with nostalgia?
I don't have the answers, but it's an interesting thought exercise. There are three things I can come up with, and I would sincerely love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. If you want to survive the robot-writing apocalypse, there are (at least) three paths of safety:

In today's rapid content deployment mentality I can see where content bots and aggregators make a ton of sense, both fiscally and as a time-savings. That said, I agree with Mark in that they are lifeless.

With complete transparency there have been many clients in the past that I've had content created for; externally from the staff at hand. Even then I worked directly with staff on maintaining brand adherence and assurance to the visceral qualities that come from real storytelling.

In the end it breaks down to a story we all know — do you recall the textbook outline of educational class or the emotionally charged teachings of a passionate instructor? Don't be a manual.

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Content Commoditization is Coming — Prepare Your Brands!

So 15 years ago we decided the Internet was no longer a fad, and we definitely needed a website for our business. Then 10 years ago we decided social media was something we need to pay attention to, and now we realize it is essential in our media mix as well. For the past five years, we have been paying attention to content and active engagement. ... (READ THE REST HERE)

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Darwin's Inbound Marketing Clover – It's More Than Owned, Earned & Paid

Over the past half a dozen years or so, all I've heard about in my circles is "owned, earned, and paid" media types. Marketing professionals love ... and I mean LOVE ... terms they can drop with clients as a way to sound smart. And although I'm a little weary of the ubiquity of these terms, it's true that media types are an important part of any integrated campaign conversation. However, it can be an amazingly cost-effective or expensive conversation, depending on the types of media you choose or create.